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About Us

Jason Casterlin Music is a Hudson Valley based entertainment company bringing you the best live entertainment this side of the Mason Dixon Line and much, much more...

We Offer:

1) Jason Casterlin Solo: Country and classic rock from all eras
2) Jason Casterlin Band: Original, covers, country and classic rock band
3) Hillbilly Parade: Top 40 country music covers, party and dance band (female & male vocalists)
4) AcoustiBilly: Top 40 country music covers acoustic (female & male vocalists)
5) Line dance instructors: Two teams available for hire with or without the bands
6) BandEoke: Karaoke with live musicians hosted by the "Lounge Lizards"

If you don't see what you're looking for please don't hesitate to ask. With over 20 years of performing in the Hudson Valley music scene I am bound to know or have worked with someone who can give you what you're looking for. 

Whether you are searching for a country, rock, jazz, blues, oldies etc. or even a DJ my energy is devoted to finding someone I know and trust to make sure you get the style and a the quality performance you deserve for your next event!

Click the contact link for my e-mail address and phone number to reach me!

Thanks in advance, Jason Casterlin



News & More...

Palaia Winery, Highland Mills NY 

I would like to take the time on behalf of the J.C.B. to mention and thank an amazing place we played this past Saturday, Palaia winery! This place has to be, hands down, one of my favorite places I've played to date! Not only did the staff and "OWNERS" take care of the musicians, but they also have a built in music loving crowd who made us feel right at home as we struck the last chord of our first song with a powerful applause!

We started our first set out light, feeling out the crowd and warming up as a five piece, short a lead guitar player. After break we cranked up a bit, added former member / friend Shane Scarazzin on lead guitar and even had Jan Palaggi, the owner and Ed Hurley from the "Hurley Mountain Highway Band" come up and sing with us! The energy was invigorating and intense! Many were dancing and singing along to the songs so loud I couldn't hear myself in the monitors!

It's a great place with a great vibe, and has great people, what more could you ask for! I highly recommend this venue to every band, music, wine, beer, food, or people lover!

Jason Casterlin


Wingfest 2016 

We want to thank everyone who was at Wing Fest 2016! We had a blast and would love for you to share any videos or photos you may have taken of us performing or you and your friends hanging with us there! Hope to see you again next year!

Thanks, Hillbilly Parade!


~ "Down By The Lake" Song Review ~ 

Jason has enjoyed steady success from his previous releases, and there's no reason to suggest that "Down by the lake" won't do the same.  Jason is a master storyteller whose songs evoke all kind of emotions, mostly the tender sentiments having to do with love, loss and longing.   Jason’s go to has always been his full-sounding, big-bodied voice, and that remains intact here throughout this new original song he wrote.  His voice is front and center (that's apparent from the first words out of his mouth with his country drawl even through the anthemic chorus) and has a warmth about it as well.  This new song confirms Jason’s brilliance as a songwriter, filled as it is with infectious tunes and with lyrics that capture the ups and downs of life and often reveal the little mysteries that lie just beneath life's surface.  Jason will has us all believing – “there’s only in place for us….Down by the Lake”.

~ Andrew Houle ~


This month my mother-In-law, Donna Napolitano, is featuring this acrylic painting she painted of our son Daniel at  the Woodstock School of Art.

The piece is entitled "Priceless" and was a smash hit - especially after Daniel made a special appearance at the show. People could be heard whispering, "That's the baby in the painting!" as he toddled around. This was his first time attending an art show -  I think he'll be confused in the future if he's not the center of attention again. Guess Grandma better keep painting portraits of him!

Truly An Inspiration ~ Chris Stapleton 

Wow, what a refreshing sight to see, a new face in Country, performing real country music! Apparently this guy has been underground for quite some time and writing for other people! I was informed of Chris Stapleton by my good friend Jay Ganz (Pedal Steel) for the JCB a while ago! He sent e-mails and videos for months on this guy! I looked quick then moved on to my next task of the day. Sorry, Jay

I'm not going to write much about this because I saw an awesome article I couldn't agree more with and would like to share with you! Enjoy this link!

That being said, he has inspired me to get back to writing! I have a bunch of old originals that I have not released and a hand full of new ones I would like to start sharing with everyone. I am going to start recording acoustic versions on video, posting them to YouTube and my website! I need your feedback so please start making some comments good or bad, I wanna know what your thoughts are and what the band should work on to release for you next!

Thanks for reading, Jason Casterlin

Buddy Walk National Down Syndrome Society - October 18th, 2015 

It was a pretty cold family Sunday but for a great cause! My brother and sister in law were blessed four and a half years ago with their amazing son Mason Anthony Casterlin! In the past three years we have attended the Buddy Walk for the NDSS. The Minions were not there last year nor do I think my sister in law knew this when she designed the shirts, that this year would be different! We started to walk down the walkway as soon as we came in the gates and there he was! The exact Minion on our shirts! I don't have a picture but the back side of the shirts say "Mayor Mason's Minions"! Although cold, Daniel, Jessica and Mark Lowe (Lounge Lizard, Hillbilly) had an awesome time walking for this great cause!

I highly recommend this Fundraiser if you get a chance next year to check it out!

Under Construction 

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for any confusion on how the sight has taken a new turn but I feel things are only getting better!

I have decided to let all of you know what is going on in my life more efficiently and regularly! I have taken on the role as a stay at home dad in the past year with the option to be a full time musician at night. That being said I have many projects I work with and am a part of that keep the revenue coming into my house hold to pay the bills.

This site makes my life way easier to share band news, gigs, life happenings etc... 

Each one of the projects you see has there own mailing list group to sign up under. If you'd like to get info on aany of them just click the name of the act you are interested in seeing or booking and simply sign up in the little box on that page!

Gotta get running for now but I will be sharing a whole lot more these days to keep you coming back!

Merchandise T-Shirts, Koozies etc... 

I saw that someone had posted about the T-Shirts on our online store. I appreciate you trying to purchase one but unfortunately I am still trying to figure out all of the aspects of this web host I use and that's one of them. If you'd like one still there are only a few left, e-mail me at and I will try to get you set up with one. 

However, unlike the T-Shirts and Koozies you are still able to download the music for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. I hope to have this figured out soon along with new merchandise to come! 

Thanks for all your inquiries, Jason Casterlin

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