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J.C.B. Blog

Merchandise T-Shirts, Koozies etc... 

I saw that someone had posted about the T-Shirts on our online store. I appreciate you trying to purchase one but unfortunately I am still trying to figure out all of the aspects of this web host I use and that's one of them. If you'd like one still there are only a few left, e-mail me at and I will try to get you set up with one. 

However, unlike the T-Shirts and Koozies you are still able to download the music for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. I hope to have this figured out… Read more

Montgomery Gentry Show Sept. 28th, 2014! 

I am honestly feeling blessed right now! I have built some great relationships with some amazing musicians, and they thought of me when a huge opportunity arose. I couldn't be more thankful! I'm seriously on the biggest musical high of my life!

I was offered the a job performing back up vocals and playing rhythm guitar for a singer out of Nashville named Riley Weston at the Montgomery Gentryshow at the Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, New York on Sunday September 28th!

Thanks to Gloria M. DeDufour Winter's… Read more

Half the Year! 

Well half the year has gone by and I have failed at keeping up on my promise to post more Blogs. 

We have had a crazy year as Jessica and I have had a baby boy "Daniel Butch Casterlin" come into our lives. As he was supposed to be here on or around August 16th, he decided to join our family five and a half weeks early! We were pretty surprised as well as unprepared so you can imagine how life has been the past few months.

That said and done does not give me an excuse from February until July when he arrived.… Read more

A Busy February! 

Hey everyone, sorry for the hiatus! For those of you who look forward to our blog posts I want you to know I have been planning my return to the studio to record two new releases!  

I have reconnected with some of my old band mates/friends that played, wrote and recorded with me about 15 years ago in a band named Maria's Basement. With a handful of different members in our early teens and twenties we had written a numerous amount of songs but only had the opportunity to record and release seventeen of them.… Read more